Flowers & Livestock

Lockyer Cut Flowers, part of the Valhalla Glamping Experience

Quality, Sustainability, and Australian Grown

Lockyer Cut Flowers was established in Grantham back in 1993, and now flourishing at our new West Haldon home since 2011. We are passionate about Australian grown quality products. We supply the wholesale markets in Toowoomba, Brisbane and as far away as Sydney and Melbourne.

The main cut flowers we grow are Roses, Poppies, Ranunculas, Statice and Gum.


We currently run about 300 head of cattle. This number can fluctuate depending on the seasonal conditions.

As you can imagine with the running of a farm there are associated noises that go with that. From the farm vehicles driving past to the mooing cattle or the howling dingos from time to time. As our livestock are not toilet trained you may have to dodge a cow pat or two on the road.

As this is a working cattle property, we do ask that if you open a gate, that you close it again.


We do offer farm tours if that’s something you would like to experience.