Fur Staff

Frank & Bill


Frank & Bill were both born here at Valhalla. Unfortunately both of our boys were left orphaned. They were cared for and bottle feed up to 5 times a day, which means that now they think they are one of the dogs. They are both quite friendly and love a good scratch or a biscuit of hay.

“ Wonky “ the Donkey

a donkey standing on a grassy hill

Wonky is our newest addition. We hope that one day soon he will love a pat or a scratch.

We also have a very eclectic group of ‘Cattle-Dogs’ here at Valhalla.

a dog lying on its back on the ground


Ziggy is the oldest out of the pack, he is also the top dog.



Our Smithfield Blue Healer is a very happy boy, but not normally up for a pat as he is bit more reserved than the others.



Our Chocolate Lab, not much of a ‘cattle’ Dog as he just bounds around like a giant puppy. And it most definitely up for a pat.  



The most useless ‘cattle-dog’ on the planet. Always up for a pat & never turns down a feed.