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Things to See and Do near Valhalla Glamping

When you choose Valhalla Glamping as your escape, you’re not just selecting a serene stay; you’re also placing yourself at the nexus of nature, adventure, and local experiences. Here’s a guide to some captivating attractions and activities you can explore during your visit.

Glen Rock National Park


Location: A convenient 7 km away from Valhalla Glamping

Overview: Nestled at the head of the Tenthill Valley, Glen Rock National Park is a treasure trove for nature lovers. The park beautifully complements the adjacent World Heritage-listed Main Range National Park.

Highlights: A full sized slab hut and stunning rocky outcrops.

Rock Outcrop Views: Derived its name from a distinct volcanic rock outcrop, the park offers mesmerizing views of this geological wonder, especially captivating from your tent site at Valhalla.

Bushwalking: Dive into the heart of the park through its various walking trails. Whether you’re an avid trekker or someone who loves a leisurely walk, Glen Rock has a path that calls out to your spirit

Darling Downs Zoo

darlin down zoo

Location: Situated within a comfortable 20 km driving distance from Valhalla Glamping.

Overview: The Darling Downs Zoo is a haven for animal enthusiasts. Experience the wild up close, and discover an array of exotic and native species.

Highlights: Interactive animal encounters

Valhalla Farm Tour


Location: Right here at Valhalla Glamping!

Overview: Immerse yourself in the authentic farm experience with one of the family from the day to day running’s to meeting the fur staff.


    Meet our two pet steers Bill and Frank and take a selfie. Feed our resident Donkey “Wonkey”

    Learn about sustainable farming practices. Take a trip around the property in our 6 seater ATV (Gattor)

    Farm Walks on Valhalla Glamping Grounds


    Location: Spread across our expansive 1300 acres property.

    Overview: Whether you love a vigorous bush walk or just a steady stroll, there are plenty of walking trails for any level of fitness.

    Highlights:  At the peak of our property is Eagle Point where on a clear day you can see the sky scrapers of Brisbane.

    Marked Trails: Navigate with ease as our trails are distinctly marked, ensuring you’re always on the right path.

    Native Oz Bushfoods


    Location: 486 Ropeley Rockside Road, Ropeley QLD 4343

    Overview: Doug & Tracey Goebel from Native Oz Bushfoods, an Aboriginal family-owned and operated business, farm, and retail a range of Australian native Bushfood products.

    Highlights: Currently their native food orchard has around 450 trees, main crops are Old Man’s Saltbush, various edible wattles, Native Tamarind, as recent rains caused a lot of their desert trees to die off. They also host over 40 different varieties of edible natives in their educational garden. That they are opening for you to enjoy

    So come along for that touch and taste experience

    Tent Activities

    Valhallaglamping14jan24 samantha gehrmann-112

    Try your hand at Damper making at the fire pit

    Colouring in

    Mini Library (If you haven’t finished the book you are welcome to take it with you)

    Options for on your way home as they are a bit further away


    Location: 542 Flagstone Creek Road, Lilydale QLD 4344 Australia (33km ~ 30min)

    Overview: 9Dorf Farms opens it’s gates for public tours and gives visitors a taste of life on a working property. You will have an opportunity to experience a diverse farm, touring the fish shed at feeding times then off through the Lucerne crops to our paddocks where our chickens are roaming in the sunshine and our cattle are grazing on our pasture.

    Highlights: Fish Feeding, Farm Tours, Fresh Farm Produce

    The Long Neck Farm


    Location: 2006 Inverramsay Rd, Goomburra QLD 4362 

    Overview: A unique farm visit experience with Alpacas, Ostriches and more  to feed and interact with. Also visit our rustic themed cafe and farm gift shop located in the beautiful Goomburra Valley. 

    Highlights: Alpaca, Ostrich, Goats and Pony feedings